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Annual Report

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As the babies born in the pandemic begin to celebrate their first year of life, let us pause and reflect.       

We are the parents of the strong-hearts who stepped forward into uncertainty to remind us that life and love are what hold this whole thing together.


Let us commit to memory all of our tender moments,

so that we never forget the fortitude that wells within us.


Together, but apart we birthed a new world while the old one crumbled.


We may mourn the things we went without during this most sacred time;

the gatherings we dreamed of and the support we ached for,

but let’s also rejoice in the closeness we’ve nurtured.


Our children will forever be a reminder

that this world has been ending since it began,

but the possibility of a new one is born

every moment of every day.


Pandemic Parents, I am in awe of you

and the revolution you are raising.


Tasha Spillett (with permission)

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