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Villa Rosa: giving hope to over 14,000 single, pregnant persons and their children since 1898.


What Do We Do?


• Provide a safe place to live during and after pregnancy

• Counselling and life skills training

• Opportunities to learn a healthy lifestyle

• Offer an education program to get back to or stay in school

• Provide access to community services such as midwives, the medical system, and elders


What Is the Cost?


• There is no cost to residents of Manitoba to live at Villa Rosa.

• Separate funding agreements are arranged for persons who have been living on a First Nation


What is the Impact of What We Do?


• Healthy pregnant persons give birth to healthy babies

• Offer the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty and abuse

• 100% of Villa Rosa babies weigh over the recommended healthy birth weight — the best indicator of future health and wellness

• Residents are able to stay in school; the beginning of a path to self-sufficiency

• Breastfeeding rates at Villa Rosa are higher than the national average

• Prevention of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder; leading to a more productive life that is less likely to be dependent on our health and social systems


How Do We Do It?


• Residents live in an alcohol- and drug-free environment

• Good nutrition

• 24-hour breastfeeding support

• On-site school with 4 teachers

• Counselling and programming available in a supportive, non-judgmental environment

• On-site pre-natal classes


Who Uses Our Program?


• Over 400 people annually are referred to us, access the residence, post natal house and follow-up programs

• 78% are Indigenous and 20% are Métis


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