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Endowment Fund

"I wanted to pursue social work and the one barrier I had as a single mom, was not knowing how to get through university financially. Villa Rosa’s Endowment Fund supported me to get an education. Without it I may never have tried. Your contribution to the Villa Rosa Endowment Fund will help the next young woman who has a dream. Your donation will change a life!"                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Cassie Suru-Martinson, Villa Rosa Social Worker

No Gift Is Too Small!

Each Endowment Gift Makes a Difference!


Together we can Break The Cycle and give hope to expectant parents in Manitoba.



The History of Villa Rosa's Endowment Fund


In 2001, the Corporation entered into an agreement with The Winnipeg Foundation to establish the Villa Rosa Endowment Fund.


The purpose of the fund is to provide assistance towards services to single expectant parents at Villa Rosa to encourage them to stay in school and graduate, as well as to award scholarships to new parents in pursuit of their post secondary education.

You Can Help Shape Their Future

For a single pregnant person, post-secondary education is an extraordinary challenge when faced with the financial expenses of both family and student life. A post-secondary education raises a parent's sense of self-worth, giving them an improved outlook for the future, and most importantly, a self-sufficient family life.

Our History of Providing Support

Established in 1898, more than 15,000 pregnant persons have been served by Villa Rosa. We provide education, health and social services to new single parents and their families during and after pregnancy. We also offer individual counseling, life and parenting skills, community outreach, and nutrition counseling to more than 300 pregnant persons every year.

Residents are vulnerable persons who often come from lives of abuse, gang involvement, prostitution, addiction and violence. Villa Rosa offers support, information, and the opportunity to live in an alcohol- and drug-free environment.

All donations to the Villa Rosa Endowment Fund by Villa Rosa and the general public are transferred to a Consolidated Trust Fund held by The Winnipeg Foundation. The capital will be preserved and the income available for granting is determined by the spending policy of The Winnipeg Foundation.

Activities of the Villa Rosa Endowment fund for the period March 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022:


Gifts to Fund $5,380.34

Funds Paid to Villa Rosa $39,915

Fund Balance (market value at March 31, 2022) $879,012.78

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