Summer Activity Worker 2022 - Full-Time Term Position

May 30, 2022 to September 2, 2022

(Abbey, our 2021 Summer Activity Worker,
wrote a song about her experience)

We are seeking a Summer Activity Worker to plan and implement activities for Villa Rosa residents over the summer, such as crafts, and outings to recreational, educational and community events.


The successful applicant

  • will be a University student or mature adult over 20 years of age

  • must have a valid Manitoba driver’s license

  • experience working or volunteering with a non-profit organization

  • Experience working with youth a definite asset

  • Must have common sense and a mature attitude

  • knowledge/experience of Indigenous culture

  • be honest, dependable, non-judgmental, physically fit

  • provide proof of COVID19 vaccination. 

The position will be 35 hours per week at $11.95 per hour starting Monday, May 30, 2022 to Friday, August 26, 2022.  Flexible shifts will include days, evenings and weekends.

Email cover letter with resume to info@villarosa.mb.ca.

More details regarding the Summer Activity Worker Position:


Purpose of the Position:
The purpose of this position is to provide the opportunity for the residents of Villa Rosa (25 residents) and Post Natal House Residents (8 women and 8 babies) to be involved in summer activities, which will help them to acquire new skills, to be aware of community resources and to develop a healthy living style for their young families.

Tasks and Responsibilities:
 To develop and to implement activities with the input of the young women involved under the supervision of a designated staff person at Villa Rosa.
 To encourage a positive use of leisure time by introducing the residents to the activities and resources which they can enjoy with their children and providing positive motivation for participation.
 To assist residents in gaining confidence in using resources.
 To provide supervision and direction to residents during these activities.
 To involve the young women and young mothers in the planning and organization of specific activities such as:

  • Visits to and use of appropriate recreation, educational, and community resources

  •  Aboriginal ceremonies, crafts and exploration of community activities

  • Appropriate exercises, crafts, and recreational skills

 To maintain confidentiality.
 To follow Villa Rosa’s Workplace Safety & Health Program and policies to ensure safety for all.

Summer Activity Worker – Career Related Objectives:
There will be the opportunity for the person to use and further develop techniques and skills in the following areas:
 Conflict resolution
 Group process and dynamics
 Understanding of boundaries between staff and participants
 Dealing with the personal and /or social challenges of adolescents in varying circumstances.
 Knowledge of issues that surround disadvantaged youth, including homelessness, pregnancy, drug and alcohol addiction, barriers to employment, etc.
 Development of skills pertaining to organization and implementation of a program.
 Growing knowledge of community activities.


  • The person hired for the job should be a responsible, stable, mature, adult, female, and must have a valid drivers’ license. 

  • The person should also possess the ability to relate to, interact with, and motivate adolescents who are pregnant or who have new babies.

  • There should be the desire to become more skilled in these areas over the course of employment.

  • They should be able to be a role model to these adolescents who may be socially deprived and have low self esteem.

  • They should be aware of Aboriginal culture, respecting needs, beliefs, traditions, and values.

  • They should have a basic knowledge of and sensitivity to the 
    particular needs of the young women and their babies.


A flexible work week will vary between day, evening, and weekend work, as required, based on a 35-hour work week.

The successful applicant should be involved in University level studies in Social Work, Human Ecology, Recreation, Education, or similar fields of education.